Catch Me

by Leslie Baker

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This is my first official song.


(Verse 1)

Catch me zoning to my headphones,
humming a beat
I'm in the front seat, blunted
with the scum of the street
I'm keeping it dope like opium
you're what they've already seen
you only got them bars of soap
but no, I don't keep it clean

You see, I got sweet bars
like I'm a vending machine
and now they've got me going hard
before they send me some cream
but I'm beginning to pen it down
I'm getting it now
I'm gonna turn it up loud and never turn back around
You see, I'm earning my keep
So don't even speak
you got the freedom of speech
I got that freestyle technique, like:

You feeling the words that I rhyme with
I'm skilled with impeccable timing
you're checking the list of your diet
but stop it, my man, you're a lightweight

I'm only speaking the truth
when I'm up here in the booth,
my craft is top notch
your socks off -proof

Passing bars
like an accomplished attorney
my fire sway the jury
while the victim still burning.


You can't catch me
I'm doing laps around you while you sitting in a taxi
You can't catch me
I'm up-grading the game, because I'm so damn classy
You can't catch me
I'm rocking like a chief of the police of the apache
You can't catch me
and if you do, truly, you'll need a vaccine

(Verse 2)

If you want to catch me
you'll have to wake up early
I'm taking all the wurms
& the hook's curvy

So who you waiting on?
You won't get to serve me
You're learning all the words
I let the words learn me

Your style's plain so I'll land it
eleventh commandment
my vocal is like a chokehold
you gotta hand it

It's just me killing it
the minute I get into it
I'm spilling it, it's chilling
like a skinny inuit

No incentive to end this
inventive sentence
sell hits
badmouthers get sent to the dentist

endless wordflow
so sit back and relax
because I'm on some sick shit
you simply can't catch



released May 8, 2017



all rights reserved


Leslie Baker Sint Niklaas, Belgium

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